A special gift for you
Get for free a Skylum software: Luminar 2018 or Aurora HDR 2019!

In October, buy Manfrotto products up to 120€ & get a free Luminar 2018 software licence, or a Gitzo product to get Aurora HDR 2019 ed.
By the end of the promotion frame you will receive instructions to download the software for free: enhance your images!


Luminar 2018

The most intuitive professional photo editor packed full of innovations.
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Aurora HDR 2019

The best-selling HDR photo editor. innovations.
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Terms and conditions

In the period that goes from the 1st of October 2018 to the 31st of October 2018, this Skylum promotion offers to who buys on our online stores Manfrotto products the Luminar 2018 software for free, and to who buys Gitzo products the Aurora HDR 2019 software for free. This promotion is valid for purchases of more than 120€. At the end of the promotion period a link for the download of the Skylum software will be received.

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