Video Tripods with Heads

Manfrotto provides a wide range of video kits that include an optimal combination of video tripods and heads suggested by our experts. Focus on quality and dedication to continuous innovation make these products the perfect solution for all videographers looking for the perfect kit to achieve amazing footage.

When you opt for a Video Tripod Head Kit, you’re getting the advantage of a number of key benefits. You’re sure that the components of both tripod and fluid head are a perfect match for eachother, yet in almost all cases, you’ll still be free to swap either the fluid head or the video tripod and use it with many other Manfrotto products. Some of the most important things to look at when choosing a video tripod kit are materials, weight, dimensions and payload. Each model has its own technical specifications that influence the results you obtain using them.

Most of the professional video tripod kits also include a tripod bag or other specific accessories designed to offer you the most comfortable transportation experience and easy access to your equipment in all types of situations. You can also view our range of video monopods.

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  • 290 Video Kit with fluid head 128 RC

    290 Video Kit with fluid head 128 RC

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    Technical specifications
    Material Aluminium Aluminium
    Leg Sections 3 3
    Closed Length 28.15 in 71.5 cm
    Maximum Height 70.87 in 180 cm
    Safety Payload Weight 8.82 lbs 4 kg

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